Vission & Mission

Vision & Mission


  • To assist and guide the farmers in developing allied enterprises.
  • To provide agro advisory services.
  • To develop the technology suited for agro-based small-scale industries in the rural areas.
  • To provide technical advice and guidance to the entrepreneurs in the state and the country.
  • To provide weather information to the farmers.
  • To initiate Post Graduate degree programs of agriculture.
  • To develop Hi-tech laboratories such as Tissue Culture, Bio-fertilizer, and Soil Testing Lab.
  • Infrastructure development.


To impart agriculture education, conduct research and extension activities for enhancing productivity, optimization of profit, sustainability of agriculture and allied sectors, and improving farmer’s livelihood.


  • To provide quality education and develop skills among the students through hands-on training
  • To develop agricultural technology
  • To carry out need-based and applied research in agriculture
  • To transfer agricultural technology to the farmers of Vidarbha region in particular to generate specialists in agriculture
  • To disseminate agricultural technology to the farming community through TV, radio programs, publishing articles in newspapers and magazines, and conducting frontline demonstrations, farmers rallies, and workshops

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